Is there a fee to nominate candidates for the Cinderella to CEO Awards?


There is no fee to nominate candidates!

    How are the finalists and winners selected?


    The judges are looking for transformational stories from individuals of all ages and ethnicities, who have overcome adversity, transformed a business, a community and/or others in an impressive, ethical and successful way, which others may learn from and emulate. Three semi-finalists will be chosen in each of the nine categories. A winner will be named in each of the nine categories. Each of those nine winners will be automatically entered into the Cinderella to CEO award category where an overall winner will be named.



          • Her story elevates others and supports the success of women
          • Her story can be verified by the Cinderella CEO administrative team

    Who can enter?


    To qualify candidates must have demonstrated excellence in one or more of the following areas:

    Developed and/or implemented an innovative idea, sparking dramatic, positive results.

     Displayed exceptional bravery by overcoming an extraordinary hurdle or barrier to achieve a challenging goal.

     Performed an outstanding, ethical act, bringing positive recognition to another individual, community or organization.

     Exhibited outstanding and inspirational leadership that dramatically supported others, ultimately improving employee morale and team spirit.

     Introduced a innovative concept, idea, policy that approached a problem in a unique way.

     Improved access and promoted equity by extending services to vulnerable populations, particularly through mechanisms that amplify social inclusion.

    What are the deadlines and important dates?


    February, 2019: Launch Events & Nominations Open.

  • Nominations Close May 5, 2019 (Deadline extended through May 31st)
  • June, 2019: Finalists Named
  • August 7, 2019: Learning & Development Summit
  • August 8, 2019:  Finalists Honored, Awards Ceremony

  • What are the award categories?


    Each award is based upon a classic fairy tale story and champions a specific category of accomplishment.

    The Award Categories Include:       

    The Cinderella to CEO Award

    The winner has instituted a remarkable transformation of her work life, home life, or community, exhibiting self-awareness, self-discipline and mentoring of others

    Snow White Award

    The winner introduced a uniquely "magical" concept, innovative idea or policy. She approached a problem by uniting hearts and minds in an innovative manner, building rapport & camaraderie with others.

    Rapunzel Award

    The winner utilized her speaking or writing voice to spark an innovative, positive result, advocating for others and building alliances.

    Little Red Riding Hood Award

    The winner displayed exceptional bravery in overcoming an extraordinary hurdle to achieve a difficult goal. Has an exceptional ability to avoid distractions, prioritize and inspire others.

    Thumbelina Award

    The winner performed an outstanding, ethical act that brought positive results to another individual, community or organization. She acts with purpose, takes initiative and exhibits healthy loyalties to her work and family.

    Beauty & the Beast  Award

    The winner demonstrated outstanding and inspirational leadership that dramatically supported others by recognizing opportunities and providing solutions for gender equity.

    Sleeping Beauty Award

    The winner improved access, promoted equity by extending services to vulnerable populations particularly through mechanisms that promote social inclusion. She is inclusive, manages differences and builds unity.

    Swim with the Swans Award

    The winner is a visionary that has developed a product or a system that has fundamentally improved the environment by disrupting the status quo in a positive way. She Identified a problem, focused on her research and achieved a beautiful solution for the environment

    Climbing the Beanstalk Award

    The winner has cultivated an innovative improvement to the workplace to create inroads for women to achieve career goals and enhanced work-life balance opportunities for all genders.

    Hansel & Gretel Teamwork Award

    The winners used extraordinary foresight and vision to blaze a new path and navigate tenuous circumstance. This category is open to multiple individuals working as a team. This team created extraordinary change that no one thought possible. The leaders' solution required group think and collaboration.