From Cinderella to CEO

Just because this book is called From Cinderella to CEO, you don't have to actually be one to benefit from this book. The valuable knowledge found in Cary Broussard's book offers business lessons and practical techniques you need to solve your particular work issues. Whatever your goals and aspirations are, From Cinderella to CEO will help you find the rewards hidden in the dark and sometimes twisted woods of the workplace.

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Cary Broussard

Cary Broussard, one of the top advocates for women in diversity and business, is well known for her work in creating branded women's external marketing programs and internal leadership programs. She has combined her passion for fairy tales with her expertise and scholastic studies of women and diverse populations to motivate thousands to believe in themselves, master the lessons found in fairy tales and get ahead in today's competitive workplace and achieve a purposeful life. An adjunct professor with New York University and CEO of Broussard Global Communications, her message of transformation builds upon the layers of guidance and deeper messages of fairy tales that have fascinated generations worldwide for hundreds of years.